Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Antisemites anonymous

Mel Gibson is so contrite about the horrid things he said about the Jews, he says:

"I am in the process of understanding where those vicious words came from during that drunken display," he said.

He conceded that he had offended the Jewish community and asked them to help him on his "journey through recovery".

You got to love the self-help terminology. Next thing we know he's going to be on Oprah, shedding tears of remorse and taking us through his journey to find out why he hates Jews so much, particularly since they've been so good to him in Hollywood (and he to them).
Could the reason be be a Holocaust-denying crackpot father? NAH...

If Mel is correct, maybe you can twelve-step out of your hatred of the Jews. It's a process! That's great news, because it means that there may be a cure for antisemitism. All the Jew haters, the millions of you, please sit in a magic circle, and try to understand why you waste so much time and energy and bile hating Jews. When you do, call us and we'll bottle the results and sell them in convenient on-the-go packaging. Together, we could make a killing.

As for Mel, I'd be happy to help him on his "journey through recovery". Perhaps we should convert him and give him a brand new bris.

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