Thursday, August 24, 2006

You have no clue

My Venezuelan friend goes to Robert Moses State Park and she is all in a funk. It puts her in a bad mood. Why?
1. The water is freezing sub-zero arctic cold. The currents are killer too.
2. The food SUUUUUUUUUUCKS. Bad burgers and worse hot dogs and junk food do not food make.
3. Bad beers are 6 bucks each, and you can't even drink them IN the sea:

What's up with that, yo? But in Venezuela, you can drink IN the sea, and shop IN the sea, and eat icecream IN the sea:

Exhibit A: Please note beach jewelry vendor and his ingenious floating display.

Exhibit B: Please note competing icecream vendors having friendly business chat.

Exhibit C: Please note your own floating pina colada bar. Mind you, the pina coladas were made with fresh pineapple juice and fresh grated coconut and they they put everything else you ever had that you thought was a pina colada to shame. Plus, you can have them IN the sea.

I rest my case.

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