Thursday, August 10, 2006

I scooped the NYT!

I wrote about tequilas a couple of days before they did! And while the Eric Asimov article does not commit any major offenses, I think they are overdoing the flavors they find in tequila. Hints of lemon and brine? It's either smooth and smoky or rough, but don't get all bent out of shape as if you were tasting French wine. Also Sue Torres from the restaurant Sueños got it wrong, or Asimov misunderstood her.

And how about what Ms. Torres called the authentic Mexican margarita? Tequila mixed with Squirt, the Mexican citrus soda.

The real Mexican margarita is not and never will be tequila with citrus soda.
That is called a "Paloma", a dove.
Squirt, which is about as Mexican as Taco Bell, is a fabulous grapefruit soda.

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