Monday, August 28, 2006

But Lloyd is my Love

I'm talking about the fantastic, fabulous, incomparable Rex Lee, who plays Ari Gold's smart, longsuffering assistant Lloyd in Entourage. I think: Lloyd for President.
Yesterday's final episode of the season was fantastic and I was almost screaming in despair and sitting shivah when Ari got fired (because we adore Ari), after they jerked our chain for a very wonderfully suspenseful half hour of he loves me, he loves me not, he will prevail, he will not. I also adore Drama, as in Johnny Drama, played with incredibly sweet, moronic panache by Kevin Dillon. He deserves an Emmy for the creation of this character.
Entourage is much better than Sex and the City. It is sharper and meaner and edgier and sweeter too. Give me Lloyd and give me Drama and I'm a happy camper.
But take away from me that horrible, inexplicable Lucky Louie crap. WTF, HBO? And can anybody explain to me why I should think that Dane Cook is funny? Am I missing something?

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