Monday, August 28, 2006


Apparently he's the only one who hasn't read the memos everywhere that the situation one year after Katrina, according to everybody on Earth is appalling and pathetic and inexcusable. His promises have not been met.
Why this man is still in office is beyond me. Forget Iraq. He should be thrown out of office for his mishandling of Katrina alone. The gall he has to stand in Biloxi or as far as he can from the Lower Ninth Ward is beyond belief. I don't know how this man can live with himself. I truly don't. I am sick of his empty posturing, and his idiotic bravado and his cluelessness and his irresponsibility. Somebody fire him.
To be the Worst President of the US is a dubious honor already, but to be so utterly disconnected from reality while holding office cannot be pardoned.

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  1. but, but... this summer he read Camus and "three Shakespeares"