Saturday, August 12, 2006

I rest my case

Here in the U.S. too, members of the Muslim community are marching against the Israeli occupation, the war against Hezbollah, the invasion of Iraq, everything but what they ought to be doing as well, which is march against Islamic fundamentalism. Have you seen or heard of such a march? Since 9/11? I have not.
Israel is the best thing that could have happened to these people, who blame it for everything, instead of demanding more justice, more democracy, more opportunities, less poverty and corruption throughout the Muslim world. But no:

Speakers in Lafayette Park energized the most mostly Muslim crowd with chants and speeches condemning Israeli involvement in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories, U.S. support for Israel and U.S. involvement in Iraq.

''Occupation is a crime,'' the crowd chanted, equating the situations in the three areas. But they also called for peace and justice for all.

''We all stand united against the violence and the killing in the holy land,'' said Esam Omesh, president of the Muslim American Society, a co-sponsor of the demonstration, along with the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee and the National Council of Arab Americans.

Talk about spin! The chutzpah! How convenient, and how transparent and how utterly crass and disgusting that just a couple of days after an Islamist plot to blow up 10 American planes with hundreds of innocent civilians on board was thwarted, all these people can say is "blablablah: Israel".

Not to be outdone, some mongoloid retard orthodox Jews joined in the proceedings:

The family friendly crowd was filled with Muslims, but also contained many non-Muslims, including a handful of orthodox Jews. Yeshaye Rosenverg, 23, traveled form Monsey, N.Y., to ''show the support for the Lebanese and Palestine people and to make clear that it's not a Jewish fight between Arabs and Jews.''
All I can say is, Yeshaye bubbeleh, you are dead wrong. Next thing you know, they may not remember your pearls of wisdom when the shit hits the fan.
Also, it would behoove to the reporter to understand that there are sects of ultraorthodox Jews that are against the State of Israel because of some cockamamie belief about the messiah. That is the real reason for their presence at the rally, not because they are the Arabs' best friends or because they give a flying fuck about the Palestinians.

This only onfirms what I believe more and more fervently every day: religion is poison.

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