Thursday, August 10, 2006

Speaking of vacation...

I'm supposed to take off next week on a vacation to a wonderful edenic beach somewhere. But now all hell has broken loose again at the airports. I'm sick and tired of these islamic fundamentalist assholes, not fascists, as Bush idiotically calls them. They are not fascists. They are mentally deranged zealots. Terrorist, mass murderer, genocidal criminals. Call them by their name. Fascist is dainty compared to what they are.
And then the new list of flying requirements, no liquids, no shoes, no ipod, no carry on bag.
If a terrorist decides to hide a bomb in a book, are they going to ban all books? What about chewing gum? The terrorists are probably laughing their heads off watching the civilized world run around like a headless chicken around airports.
Just screen each passenger thoroughly instead of banning this and that and the other. I don't mind a thorough, intelligent search, like the ones you go through when you fly to Israel, but let me bring my stuff on the plane. I have ZERO confidence on the poor security agent schmucks and their non-sensical procedures at our airports. Why is my ticket checked by agents who are standing two feet apart? Has the information on it changed in the space of one foot?
In any case, I was worrying about the sunstroke I was going to get on the beach and the skin cancer, and the mosquitoes and the solar allergies, and possible food poisoning, and many other little nightmares, so now I can also worry about exploding in midair. I'm so looking forward...

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