Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's not fair

An incompetent sociopath with pathological narcissism gets hired to run an agency. He makes a terrible first impression when speaking to the employees and all goes to shit from there. A year and a half later, the agency, once one of the brightest stars in that mercadito that still is the US Hispanic market, has been run to the ground, its biggest account lost because of absolute hubris, incompetence and unprofessionalism; other important accounts have decamped as well, not one new business pitch won during this guys' tenure and everybody, either leaving in droves or completely despondent. The guy, in keeping with his monstrous arrogance, doesn't even admit to his culpability. So finally they fire the asshole. Everybody knows what's next: the "laying off" of people.
First of all, I would like the industry media to report accurately when someone gets fired, such as this prick. He got fired, he didn't leave of his own accord. He ruined the place. He got sacked. Say it.
Secondly, a bunch of hardworking, talented people, many of them who had been there for years, get fired. We all know that's the way business goes. BUT. I want to know why other people who have far more responsibility for this mess are still at their jobs. Very senior management, with self-important titles, completely incapable of managing their fingernails, let alone an agency, who apparently did not do much, if anything, to stop the reign of terror and the decline of the agency, are still making the nice six figures at their very high management post. Why is that? And why is the person who hired this bastard still at her job? I'm not saying sack her (God knows he was a bullshit artist of the first order, although it was hard not to notice that he was a creep on wheels. Aren't people at that level supposed to be better judges of character than us lowly plebeians?), but make her responsible. She is more responsible than any of the people who got the axe. Why is she not paying the price?
The lives of regular people get completely upended because of somebody else's mistakes. "Leaders" who couldn't lead their way out of a paper bag with a hole in it, keep their cushy jobs.
When this happens in other industries, there are lawsuits, at the very least. There are consequences. Here apparently, incompetence is coddled and rewarded.
Some of the people who got fired will ultimately thank the agency for doing them the favor; others, such as a guy with two small children and a work visa in progress, may have a harder time of it. I've always said that I became a marxist (figure of specch) when I started working for corporate America. The gall is unbelievable.

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