Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm loving Weeds

I've been watching the reruns for the first season of Weeds on Showtime and I really enjoy that show.
It is smartass and funny, although nobody, except for people who comment in Gawker, talks like that in real life. All the ethnic characters are total stereotypes, but in a way, so are many of the white ones, so it's a wash out. I love that the woman who plays the Latina maid said "muchacho horroroso" speaking of one of her charges. Usually when Latinos speak in anglo films it's a language from Planet Spic that only Hollywood white writers and execs actually understand. I think they use one of those little translation devices you buy at the Sharper Image. That's how it sounds. But not on Weeds.
The greatest pleasure of this show is to see the amazing Elizabeth Perkins kick total ass playing Celia, a bitch on wheels who is actually not only extremely funny, but also sympathetic. She deserves all the Emmys (she got the nod for one). I've never really liked Mary-Louise Parker but she is funny and believable in the show (she tries to keep her huge collection of tics in check), and Kevin Nealon is a hoot. The kid who plays her youngest son is super talented and extremely funny and the acting overall is great. I'm glad to have found it now that my cable company saddled me with 700 cable channels I now have to pay for whether I like it or not. My cable company, RCN, sucks, but that is the subject of another lengthy post. Suffice it to say that I feel like I'm being gouged.

Is it me, or Entourage is sucking big time this season? Love Johnny Drama. Kevin Dillon is fantastic. More Emmys for him too. And I worship Rex Lee as Lloyd, Ari's long-suffering assistant. Many Emmys for Rex Lee. He rocks my world.

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  1. Yeah, I'm liking this series also. I amazed at how similar Mary Louise and Elizabeth look, they could be daughter and mother almost.