Thursday, August 24, 2006

Food at the Beach

If your idea of relaxation at the beach is just you and the sounds of the ocean, well, then don't go to Cayo Sombrero in Morrocoy (see crowds in post below). But if your idea is that people are going to bring to your feet the freshest food from the sea, and you will feel like Poseidon (the god and the ship) after a banquet, then you've come to the right place.

As an appetizer, you can start with 7 dozen fresh oysters. Tiny, briny, incredibly flavorful oysters so good and fresh, they only need a squeeze of juicy lime. I had about a dozen. My friend, longing with the nostalgia for her childhood at the beach, had the rest 6 dozens, coming to a grand total of 72 oysters. I could only gape in amazement and a smidgen of worry. Whereupon at the end of our day at the beach she announced "I have the runs, but it was worth it". A hero, in my book.
Then you can have lobster or fish ceviche or shrimp or conch, or octopus. Straight from floating Restaurant Verruguita (Little Wart!) to you:

That's not me, that's a local beauty showing off her fresh lobster. I am even prettier... Then you can finish your meal with fresh coconut just fallen off the tree, or coconut icecream served in a coconut shell or a delicious cachapa which is a sweet corn pancake with melted parkay (yum) and white salty cheese, unbelievable. Eat your heart out Long Island, my ass.


  1. Judy --- but Clare wants to know:
    --are there jellyfish?

  2. Dear Clare:
    No jellyfish that I know of. I snorkeled and saw a lot of beautiful fishies, tiny transparent ones and round ones with blue heads and yellow tails and corals that don't sting, and luckily no jellyfish, because I'd have bolted out of the water faster than a cruise missile.