Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let's see if they get the hint

Not that they have before. But now that Joe Lieberman lost the primaries in Connecticut, perhaps the pathetic Democratic party will finally listen to its constituents, instead of trying to placate the lunatic fringe of the right.
Democrats, Mr. Lieberman, cannot be Republicans Lite. You might as well switch parties and become a moderate Republican, which is more practical and better for the sanity of this country, than start a ridiculous race as an independent that you are never going to win.
It is already hard to distinguish between one party and the other in this so-called democracy. So while the idea of a third party is wonderful, there should be a third party, not just one or two demented guys campaigning on their own, like loonies.
The Democratic party should stop conducting focus groups to determine who not to offend and stop offending us registered Democrats with its disastrous lack of leadership and competence. And don't you be shoving John Kerry on us again. I do not particularly like Hillary Clinton, but at least she is an exciting, galvanizing option. Think big. Be coherent. Be liberal.
Giving you an inmeasurable advantage is the Worst. President. Ever. Please tell me you are not going to fuck up again.

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