Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Blues

Oy, what a week.
• The Middle East is burning. Israel is accused of disproportionate force. Perhaps. But I don't think kid gloves are required when fighting terrorists like Hezbollah. They asked for it.
As always, many non-radical people pay the price for the few assholes who make all the trouble. I feel bad for Beirut, which doesn't seem to get a break. Hopefully, Israel will be able to thoroughly weaken Hezbollah and Beirut will rise again in peace.
• POTUS just vetoed the stem cell bill. At least he is consistent in his assholeness. It galls me that he showed up with babies at the photo-op. As if they were rescued from a horrible stem cell fate. Nobody was going to kill those cuties in the first place. It's rejected fertility program embryos that are used for stem cell research, embryos that were going to be disposed of anyway. But the creeps from hell from the religious right always know how to mislead and manipulate. A pox on them.
• A slave labor camp comprised of Poles was uncovered in Italy, with horrendous mistreatment of people. Barbaric.
• Ahmadinejad wrote a letter to Angela Merkel. Apparently, he loves the epistolary mode. Hasn't heard of email yet. A love letter, perhaps?
• When is the Electoral Tribunal in Mexico going to decide whether to recount? I hope soon. I'm tired of AMLO and his tirades. I hate the mofo.
• This is beyond me: the cruise ship that almost keeled over, in a lame attempt at a real-life Poseidon adventure kind of stunt, was going to show the movie Titanic that night. It's as if they show United 93 on an airplane. What are they thinking?
• I have a vicious virus running rampant from my bronchia to my sinuses. I feel like a landlord who can't evict a horrid tenant. I have not left my house in three days. It sucks.

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