Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mañana never comes

So Felipe Calderón seems to have won by 200,000 votes or .57%. It is a narrow margin, but not as if he had won by 15 votes, in which case, as far as I'm concerned, he'd still be the winner. Also, the votes from abroad, reports Reforma newspaper, from those heroic Mexicans who actually overcame the bizarre rules for voting from afar, benefited Calderón by 57% vs. 33.43% for AMLO.

So in typical AMLO fashion, he will not go gently into that good night. He's going to start demonstrations because he claims there were irregularities, even though everything pretty much seems to have been kosher. There were international observers and an independent Federal Electoral Institute that's supposed to be a light unto the nations when it comes to keeping elections clean.
It is entirely possible that Calderón won cleanly. Like Fox won cleanly.
Is AMLO making up the irregularities or do they really exist? So far, except for him, I haven't read anywhere that there were widespread irregularities, like there used to be (people voting twice, dead people voting, stuffed ballots, soldiers voting many times, etc).
Can AMLO be a responsible leader and organize his campaign so that he wins in 2012, instead of throwing Mexico into chaos right now?
Apparently not. He's such bad news.

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