Monday, July 31, 2006

This is going to sound horrible

I have already been chastised twice by friends because of my take on the death of that poor Jersey girl that was killed and put in a dumpster. I am not blaming the victim. If anything I wonder why we have guys like the killer, who had a rap sheet the size of Wyoming, running rampant in our midst. However, her behavior on that unfortunate night is a perfect example of what not to do if you want to get home safe.
I have said this before: Girls: learn to hold your liquor. Even and particularly if you are underage AND driving a car. It is incredible that these girls pretended to drive back in the state they were in.
They arrive at the pound completely wasted out of their wits. Of course the people at the pound refuse to give them the car. Did it cross their pickled minds that nobody would let them near a car in that state? That maybe they could take a cab or a car service and pick it up the next day? Apparently not.
The friend passes out, an ambulance is called, and this girl, instead of accompanying her friend in the ambulance, for reasons that nobody understands, walks out of that ninth circle of hell which is the tow pound on the West Side, alone, drunk, at an ungodly hour, in a desolate, scary neighborhood. In all the coverage that I've seen about this tragedy, nobody has mentioned how utterly irresponsible their behavior was.
New York is a pretty safe town, but it is not Pleasantville. I've been out by myself or with female friends late at night, and the moment you step out into the street you do your best not to encourage predators. You put your friends in a cab. You take a cab yourself. You steady your gait and look fearless. You wait until you are less dizzy and have regained your wits. You ask someone you know to come with you. Whatever. And most importantly, you don't drink so much that you stagger out looking like you're wasted out of your brains. That is very dangerous. It encourages predators and you create the conditions that threaten your safety. You make the city unsafe for you.

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