Friday, July 28, 2006

Dracula Rules!

Yesterday, there were mobs to see Phillip Glass and the Kronos Quartet play a live music accompaniment to the original Tod Browning film with the one and only Bela Lugosi, al fresco in Prospect Park. I was amazed it was so crowded and couldn't tell if it was because of the film, Glass or Kronos.
I had never seen the film before and it is a thing of beauty. It was also great fun. People cheered when Lugosi made his famous, debonair entrance: I am Count Dracula. I don't drink... wine.
He, he. He is the most adorable vampire in the history of vampires.
Soon after the film began, with a beautiful, haunting score by Mr. Glass, as if on cue, scary thunder and lightning provided an extra creepiness to the whole thing, which of course made the audience cheer with delight. Unfortunately, the lightning was getting too close and too wild and the concert and the movie were suspended. We were then all treated to a torrential downpour and a thunderous lightshow, no doubt courtesy of the fabulous, magnificent, original Count Dracula.

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