Monday, July 24, 2006

What's keeping them?

Mexico's Electoral Tribunal should not wait until September 6 to come out with an answer the entire country is waiting for with mounting anxiety. They should make a decision as soon as possible whether they will recount the votes or not.
Meanwhile, Lopez Obrador continues being a humongous asshole:

For now, Mr. López Obrador declines to speculate about his future role. He also will not to say what he would do if the court refuses his demand for a recount, other than to say he will follow the will of his supporters.
“We will go along watching the opinion of the people,” he said. “If the people say that we have to carry out actions of civil disobedience, rough and forceful, we will carry them out. If the people say that we should act with less belligerence, that’s how it will go.”
WTF does that mean? Watching the opinion of the people? He knows full well that his supporters are looking to him to set the tone. The "people" don't spontaneously decide these things. If he incites them to violence, they may follow; if he accepts the results peacefully, they will do so too. So it really is not up to the people of Mexico, who went to the voting booths and spoke their minds already. It's up to him to allow for a peaceful transition of power and to avoid what many Mexicans really fear: social violence. Violence is not going to get him the presidency. But he is a bad loser and a man with past grudges. A real danger for Mexico. Not because he is a leftist, but because he is an asshole.

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