Friday, July 28, 2006

I hate people who fidget

I was sitting at a seminar at the Apple Store, listening to a guy explain the miracles of Final Draft (I know, I know, I got what I asked for). I sat between two people who seemed to be of adult age but who could not sit still for two minutes. A woman and a man, one on each side of me, pushing against the backrests like a horde of buffaloes is trying to break out of their backs, pushing the seats in front of them with their legs, fidgeting with their asses this way and that way, not softly, but like walking human earthquakes. The same thing the other day behind me at Faith Healer. The candy wraper, the kicks on the back of my seat, the endless fidgeting. JESUS! Can't people learn how to sit still? You are not children anymore. It is not only extremely annoying; it is extremely rude. Do people have ants in their pants, why so much freaking shpilkes? When I was like 12, my dad would take me to classical music concerts and give me murderous looks if I as much as moved a toe. Some of you may think that is one of the reasons why I turned out the way I did, but at least I know how to sit still in public.


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  2. Anonymous9:11 PM

    Kinda lame to make public declarations, then delete responses to them. If you don't want people to comment, stfu.

  3. Anonymous2:05 AM

    i hate that too. i dont know what is wrong. i hate when people fidget their fingers, or eat too loud. sometimes i hate it when people breathe too loud. i think i probably just have OCD because it bothers me so much i cant ignore it.

  4. NeuroscienceRules3:00 PM

    You most likely have a disorder called misophonia. see