Friday, July 14, 2006

I hated the bitch

An Italian tabloid has published a picture of the dying Princess Di, and according to the BBC:

British newspapers have condemned Italian magazine Chi's publication of the photo, which was taken at the scene of her car crash in 1997.
And Mohamed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi was also killed in the crash, condemned the "vile publication" of the picture.
This is truly rich... British newspapers like The Sun and News of the World, those bastions of responsible journalism, are all atwitter because some Italian wants to publish a picture of the dying princess. As if she was some sort of sacred subject. If we can see pictures of the poor in the Sudan and the Katrina victims and every other obscene natural and man made disaster, why shouldn't we be able to look at the death of that insufferable pest as well? I don't see what is offensive about it. Her death was news for years, and these same people who are now decrying the publication of the photo and milked it to the last possible drop, are giving themselves purification baths, as they say in Mexico, acting all holier than thou. The chutzpah, really.
Plus, where is the picture? I wanna see it.

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