Monday, July 17, 2006

Heading South II

Apparently, the movie Heading South is the highest grossing film at the Angelika and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas these days. Women are flocking to see it thinking it's going to be a hot, sexy film about mature women putting out with hot, young studs. I'm thrilled that the movie by Laurent Cantet is doing so well, but it is amazing to me that everybody seems to be missing a major point of the movie, which is not about December-May romance in the tropics but about the disparity between those who don't have anything and those who do, who think their money buys everything, including love and romance. It's a movie about the enforced blindness of tourists, about social injustice, about the corruption offered by money. It certainly deals with mature female sexuality, but in a rather political way, not a romanticized one.
A woman interviewed by the NYT said she was dissapointed for she expected more sex. How clueless can you be? How can you sit through a film that wears its intentions so firmly on its sleeve and fail to notice it is not an erotic romp?

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