Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Taxi Road Rage

Sunday, 4 pm. I take one of the few cabs available. I tell the driver I'm going to Williamsburg. He refuses to take me. It's the end of the shift, he's going home. I want to pulverize him and his cab on the spot.
It is impossible to get a cab because of the aforementioned reasons. Every cabbie in NY goes home at the exact same time. Am I the only one who wonders if other cabs should also start their shift at 4, so fresh cabs can replace those that are going home? Is this irrational?
So then I decide to take the subway, only to arrive at Union Sq and find out there is no L train.
Great. I try another cab. Unwittingly (I swear), I grab the cab right out of the outstretched arms of two women loaded with shopping bags from Forever 21. The cabbie does not seem to object to my intrusion, until I tell him where I'm going. Then he gets all holier than thou and protests that I took the cab from the girls. He refuses to take me. The gall. Pulverize the three of them, plus the car on the spot, with fire and brimstone.
I was not about to go to the hinterlands to find a J, or worse, an M train. So you know what? I didn't go.
But I will tell you this much: I hate the cabs in this city. I hate them. I hate the drivers, I hate the cars, I hate the prices, I hate their honking, I hate that they are dirty, their ac doesn't work, they drive like maniacs, they take up too much space and guzzle too much gas and they are butt ugly bananas with an engine. So there.


  1. that is really cool. I really liked your taxi road rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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