Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Digging their own grave

I read the full results of a NYT poll that asks people their opinion on current national topics such as Bush's performance, Iraq, stem cell research, etc. The poll seems to reflect that Americans are not crazy zealots and favor moderation and common sense in most approaches. What is very encouraging is that when it comes to stem cell research and religion most people opt for the rational. Thus, an overwhelming number of Americans believes the government should increase federal funding for stem cell research and when asked whether they consider themselves evangelical or born again Christians, 69 said no, 29 said yes. I don't know if this is 69 people or 69%, I didn't bother reading the fine print. But it's 70 v. 30.
I would like to think that the Republican party is losing ground and credibility because of its wholesale catering to the religious right. Regular people are fed up with the ridiculous spectacles of Bible freaks trying to impose their medieval "values" on the rest of the citizenry at the very costly expense of scientific and social progress. We should all remember that the Bible freaks make a lot of noise and play rough because they think that their belief in God is an excuse for everything, but they are not the majority of the American people nor do they represent their views.
I think we can safely say that many, many Americans share their distaste for the coercive, hypocritical piety of the religious right with this enterprising (if not wholly charming) individual:

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