Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zizou Speaks

One last thought (I promise): a friend of mine said that Matterazzi insulted Zidane's mother and sister on purpose, because he knew how Zidane would react and the Italians wanted him out of the game right before penalties. It is not such a farfetched scenario. The reason why I rooted for France is because the Italians are dirty rotten scoundrels.
Now Zidane has apologized to his nation and frankly, even though his lack of self-control was idiotic, I think history will judge him more kindly than we all thought a couple of days ago. Zidane, after all, has extenuating circumstances but Matterazzi has none. What a despicable pig. Personal insults are as foul as physical fouls and other dirty tactics and they should be punishable too. The Italians may have won the cup, but they don't deserve it.

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