Friday, July 07, 2006

Jesus is not for Jews and viceversa

I read somewhere today (I'm afraid it was a free copy of the NY Post) that some people are upset at the huge ads that Jews for Jesus have put in subway stations and trains across the city. I'm not upset at the ads, this is a free country and God knows the MTA is always in need of cash. Plus, if we can have those horrid ads about "Pregúntele a Margarita" and a farkakte language school where you can learn Esperanto, we can have the J for J ads. And don't get me started on the horrid Budweiser ads, or some others from the big leagues that totally suck. This is not London, where advertising is witty and amusing, or Paris where there are naked people or unintelligible concepts (usually in the same ad) to distract you. Here we're lucky to have Dr. Zizmor.

HOWEVER, let me make something clear. There is no such thing as a Jew for Jesus. It is a religious impossibility. If you are a Jew and you start believing in Jesus as the Messiah, you are not a Jew anymore. Jews simply do not accept that Jesus was, is or ever will be the Messiah. Period. Which is why, may I remind you, we were persecuted, ostracized, burned at the stake etc, etc, for centuries. Being a Jew for Jesus is almost like being a Jew for the Nazis. Or a Jew for Not Eating. It's a no go.
Hell, I'm not even a Jew for God, and that is more kosher than being a Jew for Jesus.

Truth is, in my humble opinion, that Jews for Jesus is nothing but a Christian evangelical group with great targeted marketing. As you know, the Second Coming cannot happen until the infidels are converted to Christianity. The Jews happen to be the first in line because of Israel, yadda yadda, so some people take the proselytization of Jews very seriously. They decided that the only way to do it is by confusing those of us who are schmucks enough to forget that you cannot ever be a Jew for Jesus.

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  1. Um, exactly how do you know who or what Jesus is and isn't for?

    As far as Jews believing in Jesus...we have Jewish atheists; Jewish agnostics; even Jewish Buddhists (lots of books out on that one). You can't arbitrarily exclude Jews from believing in Jesus.

    Yes, you can be Jewish and believe in Jesus. It is, as Al Gore said in regard to something else, an "inconvenient truth."