Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mexican politics II

From the NYT today:

There has been a flurry of commentary by scholars and journalists in major newspapers. Jorge Fernández Menéndez, an investigative reporter and columnist, wrote that Mr. López Obrador's candidacy was marked by a "messianic politics" that "does not accept divergence or different opinions, and has not thought twice about ridding itself of the best men and women of his party if they are not unconditional to him."
Sounds like Bush. Same kind of idiot, except AMLO is shrewder.

Dozens of scholars, scientists, artists and cultural figures, including the novelist Laura Esquivel, the historian Lorenzo Meyer and the astronomer Julieta Fierro, signed full-page ads this week expressing their support for Mr. López Obrador. And last Sunday, the political magazine Proceso reported that of 66 writers, directors, dancers and musicians it had surveyed, not one planned to vote for Mr. Calderón.

Well, don't get me started on this one. The intelligentsia in Mexico has always been associated with the left, which is natural and logical. However in many instances, some of them are the kind of people that still think Fidel Castro is a hero. They are used to being fed by the regime. My problem with AMLO is that, to me, he is no different from a Priista; he's a throwback to that kind of Mexican politics, populist, authoritarian, paternalistic, patronizing and incoherent. I don't believe in his promises, I don't like his personality, and I don't think he's good for Mexico, even though the poor of Mexico deserve leaders that stop ignoring and exploiting them.
The one good thing about these elections is to see the PRI a pathetic shadow of its former arrogant self. If AMLO wins, it will be a sign to the ruling elites that they can't keep ignoring the gross inequality and the plight of the poor.
I hope people turn out to vote in force and the elections are won cleanly through their will. Go out and vote!
Y que Dios nos agarre confesados, as they say south of the border.

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