Monday, July 10, 2006

Mal de la Tete

How do you say WTF in French? I was rooting for France until that unfortunate moment where Zidane dissappointed me, himself and everybody who ever admired him with the most bizarre, violent, stupid behavior. It was inexcusable and it was a shame.
So everybody thinks it's because the Italian insulted his mother. If this is the case, Memo to the Both of Them: OH, DO GROW UP!!!! You are adults and you make good money kicking the ball to and fro. Behave accordingly.
The spectacle of Le Coach Domenech standing in the middle of the field with utmost sadness combined with some sort of defiant dignity, was weird. The fact that the French took off their medals was stupid.
I'm not glad Italy won, because they are not so sportsmanlike themselves. But I am glad this thing is over.

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