Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bogota or Bigota?

Alert the Media!
The mayor of Bogota, NJ, proposes to boycott McDonald's because it's advertising an ad in Spanish in his town. For further discussion of his honor's stupidity you can check the Huffington Post, where all kinds of morons are posting their respective allegiances as we speak. As if you have nothing better to do, right?
In the interest of full disclosure, I myself translated the original English copy into Spanish, because that is what I do for a living (this here blog is just a labor of love, what did you think?).
So you could safely say I am ensconced in the midst of a controversy with the mayor of Bogota, NJ. How exciting.
Thus, I sent him this missive via email:

Dear Mayor Lonegan:

There are ads in Spanish all over the U.S. These ads are not meant for the recent immigrants who don't speak English; they are meant for most US Hispanics who speak English, but who consider their language a vital part of their culture.
Your feeble attempt to call attention to yourself makes you look not only like a bigot, but an ignorant one to boot.

To borrow a word from another language: what a putz.



ps to my readers:
Disclaimer: the opinions contained in the letter are mine and mine only and do not reflect the opinions of Mcdonald's corporation or any of its suppliers or anybody remotely connected to it (I'm serious. All I need is to lose my job over this).

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